Theme Parks on the Gold Coast

No family holiday to the Gold Coast is complete without a visit to one (or all!) of the theme parks that the Coast is famous for. There’s something for every member of the family, no matter what their age!  We sent our mates from Ipswich with their kids to check out the parks.


Warner Bros. Movie World

If you’re into thrill-seeking rides, look no further than Movie World! It’s the home of the HyperCoaster, the tallest, fastest and longest roller-coaster in the whole southern hemisphere. There’s plenty of rides for the older kids and adults who like to get their adrenaline pumping, as well as great stunt shows and Looney Tunes for the kids.


Sea World

This theme park combines rides and attractions with marine animals, and is always a hit with young and old alike. There’s something for everyone, and you can even get up close with some of the animals! With a water park inside, and informative shows and displays, the kids will have a lot of fun while they learn. You might learn something new too!



Next door to Movie World, this water-based theme park is full of awesome slides and thrill-rides. There’s also water parks for the kiddies to play in, so every member of the family will find something fun to do. This is one the best places to come and have fun in Summer.



Dreamworld probably has the best mix of thrill-seeking and family-friendly rides and attractions, so if you only have time to stop at one theme park on holiday, make it this one. Ride the infamous Giant Drop or Tower of Terror, or take the young kids to Wiggles World. There’s also Tiger Island for those who want to see the cute animals up close.


WhiteWater World

WhiteWater World is next to Dreamworld, and you can buy entry to the two parks in one ticket. The water is kept at a comfortable warm temperature, so you can enjoy the park all year long. There’s plenty of fun to be had for the whole family, thanks to the array of rides and attractions.


If you’re coming to the Gold Coast for your next holiday, don’t miss out on exploring some of these amazing theme parks. You’ll find something for every family member to enjoy, no matter which park you visit.


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Top Attractions To Visit In Bali

Bali is a wonderful island and province in Indonesia. Those who visit this island will experience a combination of fascinating structures and culture, salty air, great beaches, religious beliefs, and friendly people.

When travelling to Bali, consider these wonderful attractions aside from swimming on the beach:

Monkey Forest Ubud

Visiting the Ubud monkey forest in Bali is a must on all Bali itineraries. The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is located in the town of Ubud. The monkey forest is home to some long-tail macaques. A stay at the hotel may even lead you to experience breakfast with them. A word of caution though, monkeys are territorial, so be careful where you sit on or step into.

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple or Pura Luhur Uluwatu is a famous Balinese temple, overlooking the climactic coastline of the Bukit Peninsula.

The temple, built around the 17th century, has three parts: the outer, middle and inner sections. Tourists can take photos around the temple, even when a worshiper is preparing their offerings as this is a way to introduce the Hindu Balinese culture to them. However, taking photos at the inner part of the temple is prohibited since this part is only accessible for worshippers and the part is considered holy.

Kecak Dance in Uluwatu

The Kecak Dance in Uluwatu is mostly done during big temple celebrations. The performance is a dance and musical love story of Rama and Shinta. It is also a holy dance and is performed mostly by men sitting in a circle singing “Cak! Cak! Cak!” for mostly an hour.

Travel The World – Great Travel Places To Consider

travel placesThinking of travelling the world lately? Here are some great travel places that you should consider going:

Maui, Hawaii

Just the name Hawaii would make you think of captivating beaches and a great vacation to enjoy by yourself or with the whole family. Maui is a breathtaking destination with beautiful white sand crystal blue waters, golf courses with great views and a volcano.

If you are even searching for a unique jet-black sand which is framed by a green jungle, visit Waianapanapa. If you want to go snorkelling, how about Kaanapali? And for relaxation, take the Wailea Beach.

Santorini, Greece

This Greek destination is one of the world’s best places to visit as the city offers a beautiful evening atmosphere. Santorini is mostly proud of its red and black sand beaches, wines, and ancient ruins. But mostly, Santorini is popular because of its picturesque scenery. It like you are in a real postcard. You will find Cliffside whitewashed buildings that are carefully lined creating that blue hue when the sunset.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is mostly known for its great food and mindblowing architecture. It is also famous for its original designed La Sagrada Familia, Park Guel, Casa Batlló, and Las Ramblas.You will love your stay in the city as it also offers a lot of restaurants, bars and buskers. You can also go the beach and even watch the FC Barcelona football team at its popular stadium at Camp Nou.

New York City

And why shouldn’t you visit the city that never sleeps? It has a lot of things to do and see and you will mostly be busy as you stay there. And even you return a couple of times to the Big Apple, there will always be new things to do and discover.

Destination Ideas To Consider When You Plan To Travel Alone

solo travel ipswichSolo travelling is actually fun especially for people who love their own company. A solo traveller does not have to wait for anyone while their companion is out shopping or just taking a nap.

There are a lot of advantages when you travel on your own which mostly include you finding more about the country you are travelling in and finding good friends along the way.

If you are planning to travel alone, here are 3 of the best places to consider:


America is one of the best travel destinations for solo backpackers because of the diversity it can offer because of its geography. The country really does have something for everyone. Want to find the best waves? Go to LA, how about go skiing? Visit Montana!

And because the country is geographically diverse, the USA has the biggest bookings for solo travellers in 2017.


Second on the list is England with London as the top destination in 2017. This is because they want to feel the British experience and London is the right place for them. There they can ride the red buses, black taxi cabs and a trip to Buckingham Palace.


Spain is a city of lively culture which means you can travel by yourself in the country and never get bored. And while the city is also magnificent, travellers visit the country because of the great food they offer. Satisfy your cravings with Tapas and Spanish wine and you will have a good siesta time.

So if you are looking for travel solo destinations, then try these cool places to travel alone. Plan your solo adventure in any of these destinations.

Why A Beach Holiday Is Good For The Family?

beach holidayOne of the cool places to unwind is the beach resorts. It is an ultimate holiday spot for every member of the families seeking fun in the sun. Here are some reasons to love a beach holiday.

A Perfect Place To Relax Chill Out Away From The City

A beach resort is a perfect getaway from the busy city life. You get to slow things down and enjoy the tranquil setting, far away from the fast life of the city.

Enjoy Fun Beach Activities

Other than the breathtaking scenery you can enjoy in a beach resort, you also get to enjoy a lot of fun activities. Most beach resorts organise a variety of entertaining activities on the beach.

A Perfect Place For The Entire Family

Sand and water are a combination that the whole family will surely enjoy at a beach resort. A sandy beach is a perfect playground for kids. They can get to have fun exhilarating beach activities.

Swim With Friends On The Beach or Near The Pool

Although the sand, water and soothing scenery are the main attraction, as an alternative you can unwind with your friends at the swimming pool at the resort. You also get to enjoy a few drinks at the pool bar. You can enjoy a good swim at the beach or at the swimming pool at the resort.

Adventure Sports Activities

There are also different kinds of adventure sports activities you can enjoy in a beach resort. You will surely enjoy snorkelling, river rafting, parasailing, and more. It may cost you some money to experience these activities but they sure are worth it.

One Of The Best Places In The World For A Romantic Holiday

Couples can enjoy a stress-free and sublimely relaxing honeymoon at a beach resort. It is a perfect destination for honeymooners looking for a romantic beach experience.

How Do Travel Bloggers Work?

travel blogger ripleyDo you love to travel but just can’t leave your job? Well, you are actually in luck because there are a lot of ways you can travel and still earn money.

However, a little disclaimer because as much as you want to go abroad and live the life you have always wanted, it is not as easy as most say it is. If it is really not that complicated most people would travel and work at the same time.

Most of those who are successful in travelling and earning at the same time, actually had a lot of years of honing their skills to get where they are at. So, if you really want to travel and earn at the same time, you need to learn the ropes of how these travel bloggers work.

There is no magic to make lots of money while travelling

As said earlier, it takes years of hard work and even sacrifices to actually be successful, something most people ignore. That being said, it is not really impossible to work and travel at the same time. Those who really have fun with travelling are those who really invested their time and resources to learn how the business goes, which means you can also do the same if you make travelling your main priority.

Not all travel job is made equal

We all have different skill and different comfort levels so better know what is yours. If you still want to have a permanent job but also want to live in a different country, then you also have to find that.

Remember that not all jobs are suitable for everyone. Even if you have a university degree, but if picking berries on a farm may just give you the contentment you need while you are out for an adventure, then why not?

Start blogging

Most people think that once they get their blog online, then it will automatically earn them the money they need to keep up with their quest. However, most successful travel blogs take years before they even become popular.

When setting up a blog, learn about your niche. Are you going to concentrate on fashion, lifestyle, food? Then you will be able to get the income you will need from advertising, books, influencer projects, affiliate sales, and so on. But first, create your audience!

Family Travel – Theme Parks Safety Tips For Kids

theme parks gold coastTheme parks are one of the most exciting places for kids. The exhilarating fun rides, and, of course, the amazing park foods are all enjoyable for kids.

Although theme parks are a fun place for kids, it harbours some dangers, too. Concerns with the summer heat, immense crowds and the risk-taking nature of thrill rides can turn the fun time into misery. So how can you make sure your kids are safe while having a good time?

Stick together. Many people visit theme pars and it can be easy to get lost in the immense crowd so don’t leave your kids alone. Stay with them in all the time and through the ride lines, even if you don’t plan to join them in the ride. See if the child is safely strapped into the ride, and go to the exit point and wait until the ride is over.

It is also helpful to tell kids what to do in case they get lost and separated. Before you go inside the theme park, check the map with your kids and decide on a meeting place. Make sure that everyone in the family knows the name of the emergency meeting point. They should know that they talk only to uniformed theme park employees for help and not to any other strangers.

Guard against summer’s heat. It is good to prepare the kids hydrated before a theme park visit. A few days before your trip, encourage the kids to dring more water than they normally do. This will help their body to stay cool and hydrated through all the fun and excitement.

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to every member of the party on the day of the visit. Reapply it when needed during the day. While the kids will likely want to get to all the rides, make sure to take some rest or cool off on a shady bench and drink plenty of water.

Evaluate the ride. Safety is paramount so see which rides will be appropriate for your kids. Read and follow the safety guidelines for each ride. These guidelines are made to avoid ride injuries. It can also help if you observe first before you let your child take a ride. See the cycle of the ride together, how the vehicles go and the reaction of the riders. You can tell from the expression on your child’s face if he or she wants to take the ride.

Good communication. Awareness of possible dangers keeps everyone safe. It is important that your kids understand the dos an don’ts in the theme park. Explain to them the proper behaviour when visiting theme parks and repeat often. Instruct kids to be alert all the time to avoid possible injuries to themselves and other theme park goers. Remind them not to go over fences or restricted areas at rides and around the park.